Your Local Union USW7619 established a SOAR Chapter 25 in Kamloops to engage the retired members in activities of value to them and other retirees. Our current SOAR President is Jim McCarthy, a retired member of Highland Valley Copper mine. Jim has a desire to make our Chapter more active and engaged and a resource for other retirees in our local union.

You can become a member of SOAR by simply mailing a $12.00 cheque or money order to: SOAR Chapter 25 , 770 Victoria St, Kamloops BC V2C2B6. The spouse of a SOAR member can join at a reduced annual dues rate of $3. This dues fee will cover your membership for one year. You will also receive a SOAR membership card and a decorative pin. You will also be advised of the SOAR chapter 25 activities through the Local 7619 Union Hall.

If you are interested in joining SOAR, let us know by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 250-828-2860




What is SOAR?

SOAR is the United Steelworkers’ way of proving that important work remains after retirement. Work that gives meaning to the word “active” in Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees.

SOAR is an organization directly affiliated with the United Steelworkers. It keeps the ties that bind you to the union as strong as when you were a working member.

SOAR was established on May 3, 1985, by the Steelworkers’ International Executive Board to address the escalating social, economic and political concerns of Steelworker retirees and their families. SOAR is open to all Steelworkers holding honourary United Steelworkers’ retiree membership cards, their spouses, widows or widowers.

SOAR is composed of local chapters, district and provincial level units as determined by the union’s executive board. Officers will be elected to two-year terms at SOAR conventions.

The purpose of SOAR is threefold:

  • to better the communities in which you live;
  • to advance the policies of the United Steelworkers;
  • to engage in political and legislative action safeguarding and enhancing the economic security and general well being of all its members and older and retired persons.

Above all else, SOAR has been established to serve you and make you an active retiree.


Thousands of Steelworkers’ retirees have said they want to continue to be actively involved with their union. Now the United Steelworkers has created a way for you to remain active through SOAR – a special associate membership organization for retirees and their spouses.

  • You’ll be inside the Union, not outside looking in.
  • You’ll know what is happening at the provincial and federal levels of government, and in the various government agencies that administer laws for retirees, and you’ll know what’s in the works for senior citizens long before others do.
  • We’ll advise you on where you or your local chapter can turn for provincial or federal assistance.
  • Your voice, joined with thousands of other retirees, will have a thundering impact in places where decisions affecting retirees are made.
  • Your concerns will also be raised at our union’s district, national and international conferences.

In other words, we intend to make your voice and your concerns heard.

The possibilities are endless. None of us can afford to stand back and simply watch events unfold. SOAR will be a major force for justice and fellowship as it grows and expands. We urge you to join.


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