In Difficult Times – We Are Here To Help

Through no fault of their own, many workers are facing financial hardship due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many job sites have shut down, while other workers are facing reduced hours. This pandemic is greatly affecting the working community.
Community Savings is in a strong position to help and we want to remind you of the many benefits that CSCU Members are entitled to during these challenging times.

During these unprecedented period, it’s important that we support all in our community.  That’s why we have developed special measures to support current and new members.  If you have been laid off or are facing reduced hours and pay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then please call us today. We have created a special INTEREST FREE* Line of Credit Offer for people facing financial difficulty during this crisis.

Member Benefits that can provide immediate financial relief:

Line of Credit – Easily apply for a
6 Month INTEREST FREE* $2500 Line of Credit**

If you are unemployed due to the COVID-19 situation, we are flexible with application requirements regarding work history and current employment.

Postpone Loan Payments
 – Postpone regular mortgage or loan payments or temporarily switch you to interest-only payments.*

Postpone Service Fees – Waive your month-end service fees associated with your Community Savings chequing account.*

Early Redemption – Option to redeem your Community Savings non-redeemable term deposits so that you can gain quick access to needed funds.*

Consolidation – Lower monthly payments, we can help you consolidate your debt into one low-interest loan. To receive the lowest rate possible, you can secure your consolidation loan with collateral of a vehicle, property, stocks, bonds or deposits in the credit union.*

Optimize Accounts – to ensure banking fees are kept to a minimum, we can do a free analysis of your chequing and savings accounts to help you find ways to save money.*

Amortization – if you are finding it difficult to meet your monthly loan payments, extending your loan’s amortization period can free up need funds – on a monthly basis.*

Blend and Extend – if you are currently in a fixed Community Savings mortgage and would like to take advantage of a lower interest rate, blending and extending your mortgage may be your best option.*
We will get through these tough times together and, at Community Savings, we are doing our bit to ensure we support all in our community!

Financial support is available to CSCU Members ANDNew Members!

Call us today to see how we can help:

Lower Mainland:  604-654-2000
Victoria: 250-385-8431
Toll Free: 1-888-653-2000

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