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The United Steelworkers Local 7619 represents workers at Highland Valley Copper mine located in Logan Lake, BC.

Our last round of Collective Bargaining meetings were  held in the summer of 2011, when our Bargaining committee was able to negotiate a solid contract for our membership. We were able to achieve a negotiation of 4% wage increase each year for the duration of our five years contract. In addition, we were able to negotiate a sign up bonus for our members, as well as keep our Copper Bonus, which adds to our pensions. We are proud to hold what is considered one of the best contracts in the mining industry in North America, where our safety language is strong and contracting out language is included as well.


To read our Collective Bargaining Agreement, CLICK HERE


Our next round of negotiations is in 2016. Our Local is looking forward to working hard for our membership once more.
















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